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We are enablers who know how to develop and deliver great creative ideas, with our knowledge of this specialist sector.

How we work together will depend on your need. This often starts with a conversation. We can help you define your Project Strategy, carry out a Feasibility Study, or create a Project Plan. At the early stages of your project, we will help shape what it is you want to do and why. We will help define who it is for and the people that should be involved in its development.

We can look at the options for delivering your project and set out the route to its successful completion, including budget and resource planning. As your project moves forward, we can work with you to shape content and define the approach to interpretation. We write briefs and undertake procurement of consultants and contractors.

Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We can help you to develop your project vision, aims and objectives. To deliver a successful project, you should clearly define at the start where you want to go, what you want to achieve and why, and how you propose to do it. We can help you set direction and complete the detail of your Strategic Plan.



Often you want to test assumptions or work out options at the start of your project. We can manage consultants to carry out design work and define costed proposals to help inform and shape your project at this critical stage. (Image copyright Alison Brooks Architects)


Business Case Development

We can write and help create Business Cases of all scales up to the full Green Book Five Case Model, procuring and managing additional expertise if needed.

Project Funding

We can support funding feasibility, funding applications and manage relationships with multiple funders, once they are on-board, including report writing and managing the funding drawdown process if required.



Working with your audiences to shape content or design is really rewarding but also complex and time-consuming. We understand the intricacy of this process and have managed it on a large scale. We can share this experience with you.

GCR Content DevelopmentGCR Content Development

Content Development

We work with teams to help define Content Development Strategies and Plans, also creating content for exhibitions. That often includes curators and collection teams, writers, researchers, illustrators or exhibition designers.

Concept DesignConcept Design

Concept Design

The North Star team can deliver concept design work to support your project. Our exhibition design background also helps inform our management of architectural led or exhibition design teams on larger projects.

Technical Design

The Technical Design phase can be overwhelming, with a high volume of information and signoffs. We can help you navigate this busy period, ensuring the vision is maintained and the detail is not lost in the process. (Drawings copyright Workhaus Projects Ltd and David Sudlow Designers)



Getting the right team of consultants or contractors in place via the most appropriate route is crucial for your project’s success. We can put in place processes and manage this with you to make the right choices.


Project Delivery

Whether a new build, a refurbishment, or a new exhibition, we will support you to ensure your project remains true to your vision and strategy, delivering the best possible outcomes for your organisation.